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Alabama Car Insurance - The state of Alabama wants its residents to be well protected, especially when driving their cars, trucks and SUVs and that is why they have set state minimum insurance requirements for their motorists. wants Alabama residents to be able to meet these requirements at the lowest possible price. Using allows consumers to view multiple Alabama car insurance quotes from top rated car insurance companies to help ensure that they get low priced auto insurance from highly reputable companies.

Alabama Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Like most states in the country, Alabama has set minimum automotive insurance requirements to help ensure that its citizens are well protected in the event they are involved in a car accident. The minimum car insurance requirements for the state of Alabama are listed as 20/40/10. These numbers represent the minimum insurance requirements in thousands of dollars and each number represents a certain type of coverage for your vehicle:

• Bodily Injury Liability- The first number represents the maximum amount an insurance company will pay before the at-fault party is responsible for the other driver’s medical bills. The minimum coverage you are required to have in the state of Alabama is $20,000. The second number is the maximum an insurance company will pay for all injured parties in the other automobile. In Alabama that amount has to be a minimum of $40,000.

• Property Damage Liability- The third number is the minimum state requirement for Property damage liability. Property damage liability covers damage caused to other automobiles, road signs or buildings. In Alabama you are required to have a minimum protection of $10,000.

While these are the minimum state requirements, they are not the maximum coverage you are allowed to obtain. In the case of an accident the party responsible for the accident will be held responsible for any monetary damages above the amounts set in their insurance policy.

Alabama is not a no-fault state and therefore does not require its motorists to carry comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), underinsured or uninsured motorist protection. Even though these types of coverage are not a requirement, the state of Alabama highly recommends that its motorists carry uninsured/underinsured coverage. 

This type of coverage will compensate motorists in the case of a hit and run or if the at-fault party fails to carry sufficient insurance coverage to cover your medical and/or repair expenses.

The average insurance premiums for the state of Alabama in 2007 was $1816, this is down from $1847 in 2006. The national average for 2007 was $1896, so on average Alabamans can expect to pay around $50 less than the national average. This is not a guarantee, however, as insurance premiums depend on a number of factors including the vehicle you own, your driving record and your credit. has partnered with highly reputable auto insurance companies such as AIG, Nationwide and Allstate so our customers can feel comfortable that they are getting low-cost insurance from a company that will be there when they need them. Getting Alabama car insurance quotes is fast and easy at 

All you need to do is enter your Zip code and then answer a few general questions about your driving history and you will be given multiple quotes which will allow you to find the right price from the right company. And the entire process takes less than five minutes. This is why is Alabamans’ premier source for insurance coverage in the Yellowhammer State.

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